From A Disgusted Vietnam Veteran

Written By John Duval


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  • The height of your dishonesty was amazing. Your lack of intellectual acumen astounding. Your authoritarian arrogance breathtaking. Your hypocrisy disgusting. You’re no Christian Mr. Bush. You’re no patriot either. I defended my country only to see you trash the very beliefs that I fought for. Sir, you are a liar and a schoolyard coward. May your legacy burn in hell. I will pray for you. You need it.


    John Duval

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      Roy Fischer UNITED STATES
    2. Thank you for this outstanding message, John. It is concise, passionate, and accurate.

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    You have managed to make a mockery of democracy with such blatant stupidity and cruelty that you will forever be known as the Worst President in United States history. You've set a wonderful example of what not to do: 1. Approving an unjustified war. 2. Condoning the use of torture,…  more »