Goodbye Is To Good A Word, So I’ll Just Say Fare Thee Well.

Written By Victor Sette


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  • I fully believe that in 200 years, the historians of the world will look back at your presidency, Mr. President, and say that these last 8 years were the beginning of the end of our Country. You have squandered our honor, our civil rights, our wealth, and our place of power in the world. When you go back to Texas, hang your head for the things you have done. SHAME ON YOU

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      Autumn UNITED STATES
    2. As a Texan, I wish he would retire to Connecticutt, or Andromeda, or wherever the hell it is that he really came from. Our quota of self congratulatory, Bible- thumping- dumb-asses is full.

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    I wish that your leaving meant that those who are controlling so much of our government were leaving too. I've always asked, "Why blame Bush?" I don't think you are smart enough to know the consequences of your actions. But, those who control you - and seek to control every thing…  more »