Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out.

Written By Jax


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  • You have managed to make a mockery of democracy with such blatant stupidity and cruelty that you will forever be known as the Worst President in United States history. You’ve set a wonderful example of what not to do:

    1. Approving an unjustified war.
    2. Condoning the use of torture, abuse of civil rights, and the Constitution.
    3. Destroying the entire economy so that big oil could get richer.
    4. Abusing all powers invested, and wresting others not yours to have.
    5. Orchestrating the killings of 1,000s of innocent people.

    You will never outrun your own actions, Mr Bush, remember that as you grow older. The world does not look kindly upon you, you will not be remembered with a smile, but with a snarl of contempt.

    My wish for you? That you live a long life watching everything you wrought be undone before your eyes…you…powerless to stop it.

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      Anniejay Randall
    2. I love it! I couldn’t have said it better myself. By far, in my humble opinion, GWBush was indeed the worst president I can remember in my lifetime.

      And, that sign, “Miss Me Yet” was straightout comical!


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