Like So Many Of Your Other Ventures

Written By Carl Dancy


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  • You will ultimately have to chalk your two terms as president of this great nation as one of your endless failures. You have accomplished in those eight years, absolutely nothing for this country and have seemingly driven it with your “big business” & your “have and have more” legislation into debt and near bankruptcy and have turned many of our friends and allies against us. You claim to be a man of the Word and brought about policies, legislation and warmongering according to your “belief” in the Word. Well then I’ll end with this Mr. Bush, “Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in My name, saying, I am Christ ; and shall deceive many.” Farewell.

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      Hank Lebowski UNITED STATES
    2. Fiscal conservative, eh? Not so much. Allowing you into office in the first place, which was albeit done in criminal fashion, was a mistake. Ignoring 9/11, at best, was unforgivable, as was using the good will that tragedy caused for your party’s own sleazy agenda. Creating a war under false pretenses to line you and your friends wallets, at the expense of American tax payers, and our soldiers’ blood is demonic. Lying, telling Americans to always be afraid, not consider other candidates, etc. is akin to the Third Reich. Your rampant spending while explaining to the world that Democrats spend too much and raise taxes is the height of disgusting, and having to listen to you mangle the English language these past 8 years, speaking like a 3 year old, groping the German Chancellor and oh, so many memories, while making for wonderful comedy, is an embarrassment to anyone who considers himself/herself an American. Your dry drunk antics, falling over, choking on pretzels, stumbling off bikes and Segueways explains what you’re all about. A goofy doofus with a black heart. Now Manchurian Candidate John McCain has sold his soul to follow in your footsteps, lying like you to appease your retarded base as our economy crumbles, banks go under and to cap it off, you ask for we tax payers to again foot the tab. Why don’t you, your folks, Condi, Dick and Halliburton pay? We paid you, you pay them. You sir are a scumbag like this country has never seen, and most certainly the worst president we have had, and likely ever will. Well, unless Palin gets in – no doubt she would smother McCain with a pillow and call it “God’s will” that she and her trailer trash family become the first family. Hope you like it in hell, that’s your destiny.

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