Good Bye

Written By Brian Eccles


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  • Eight years of disdain for the law, intellectual poverty, lack of coherent policy, and poor execution have left the country saddling with US$5 trillion of more debt which is about US$70,000 per family. As a cheerleader of torture the U.S. is now suspect and nearly a pariah in the world community. As a parting gift, you have socialized much of the finance industry, and taken no responsibility as retirement nest eggs and college funds have been wiped in half, saying instead “Of course I am sorry it is happening”.

    The world has suffered hundreds of thousands of unnecessary dead (9/11, New Orleans, Iraq) and is now speeding to catastrophic climate change that may be past the tipping point due to your condoning delay and obfuscation.

    The W Administration Mistake will require not years, but a decade or two for America the Beautiful to recover from.

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    Written by RenO

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    Hey W, Being the leader of the free world does not give you the right to bastardize the English or 'Merican language. It is "Nuclear". It would have been nice, if you had set an example. Thanks RenO…  more »