Good Riddance

Written By cheney


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  • For the past 8 years I have been ashamed to say you are my president. I am tired of seeing dumb, rich people like yourself reach powerful positions without truly earning it.

    As a Christian man, you must believe that one day you will be judged for your actions. I hope you ask forgiveness for the lives you have ruined across the globe. From New Orleans, to Iraq, people have suffered because of your short sightedness and poor decision making. It would of been a good day if you were impeached.

    I’m glad to see you and Cheney go.

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    You have managed to make a mockery of democracy with such blatant stupidity and cruelty that you will forever be known as the Worst President in United States history. You've set a wonderful example of what not to do: 1. Approving an unjustified war. 2. Condoning the use of torture,…  more »