Disaterous Presidency To Be Felt For Years To Come

Written By Mark Wingate


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  • The election of George Bush in 2000 was an example of ignorance triumphing over intelligence and religious zealotry overcoming rational thought. In 2004 it was fear that triumphed and America and the world are in dire straights because of it. The US and the rest of the world needs to learn from this massive mistake and make sure that the public is never again hoodwinked by dirty tricks campaigns and extreme right wing conservatism hidden by a folksy grin. He has greatly accelerated the demise of the US as the world’s economic super power and leaves its reputation in tatters. It will take years to repair this damage not only to the economy but also to the environment which is frighteningly close to catastrophic climate change due to the scientific ignorance of the President. You are a disgrace to America and the American people Mr Bush, and I will be glad to see the back of you.

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