Holding A Grudge Against A True Evil-Doer

Written By Jennifer Herzog


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  • Goodbye, Mr. Bush. You were never my president.

    Your laziness is the reason so many of my fellow New Yorkers died on that fateful day. Had you simply been doing your job, had you READ THE MEMO and responded accordingly, you could have thwarted the attacks that killed my city. But alas, you had no time to read a memo entitled “Bin Laden Determined To Attack The United States.” You were too busy golfing.

    I wish you’d developed a sense of work ethic before taking the job.

    Know that even if you’re truly are as religious as you claim to be, you will never make it into heaven. You have more innocent blood on your hands than any other president in American history. With your ignorance, lack of integrity, and utter disregard for human life, there is a special place carved out for you in hell.

    I hope you think often of the poor, innocent souls lost on your watch. I hope you think of them every night before you go to sleep, and I hope they haunt you for the rest of your measly life.

    With no respect for you whatsoever,
    An American Who Wishes You Were Never Born

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    2. Very well said.

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    You have managed to make a mockery of democracy with such blatant stupidity and cruelty that you will forever be known as the Worst President in United States history. You've set a wonderful example of what not to do: 1. Approving an unjustified war. 2. Condoning the use of torture,…  more »