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Time For A Change | Farewell 43

Time For A Change

Written By Anthony Colon


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  • It’s time to say goodbye to one of the most historic figures of the 20th century. You left your mark on the history of the USA, to bad that mark is going to be a GIANT black mark. And when we look back on history, you well be remembered not as you want to be, a great leader, but how you truly were: one of the worst presidents to have ever held the office. Good riddance to you President Bush.

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    1. 1
      Linda Wise UNITED STATES
    2. Thank God for Texas, for being big enough to take #43,,the most stupid, arogant hunk of tumble weed that ever came out of Texas!! As far as Im concerned, he will never be able to clean the Blood from his hand and the only way we could ever cleanse his sole??? Well, when Saddam was hanged! He should have swung with him!!! He is nothing but a butcher that doesnt care one damn bit about all of the American Soldiers He’s killed and or put in harms way as long as his swaggering as was never in any danger….I can just see the Devil salvating to have the pig at his side, so karma is going to give him the justice he so deserves….Good luck in Hell BUSH!!!!!!!
      PS.A lota folks are not going to like what ive said,,so to them I say follow BUSH to hell,,cause there is lotsa room!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. 2
      steven wise UNITED STATES
    4. I dont agree!!! Not one of the worst Presidents,,,,,BUT THE VERY WORST… we ever had and With the grace of God there will never be another like (43) and it is my fervent hope that God sends him and his blood thirsty cronies to the DEVIL ASAP!!!!!!!
      Also, the giant black mark!! if you take a good look you will see it is dripping American RED BLOOD…….GOD HELP US HEAL FROM THIS EVIL MAN…..TY..
      Mr. Steven Wise…..AMERICAN…

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