Generating Your Message Ideas

Having the option to write about any subject under the sun can be an overwhelming prospect for any writer. So it helps to first narrow your focus by defining your subject.

In the case of your Farewell 43 message, the subject is already defined for you. Your subject is as follows:

“…express, in the form of a farewell message, your sentiments, personal thoughts, feelings, and or opinions regarding the presidency of George W. Bush and how he and his administration have affected you, America, and the world.” [in more than 20 words, less than 200]

Now that we know you won’t be writing about the Daytona 500, how deep the ocean is, the shelf life of a Twinkie, or any other subject that is not the specific subject mentioned above, the task a little less daunting. But we’re still left with quite a broad possibility of topics. So let’s narrow the focus down a little further.

What time period does the subject cover?

In the case of the 43rd Presidency of the United States we’re talking about the period of time stretching from the 2000 presidential election until the inauguration of the 44th President (January 20th, 2009).

Most likely each of you already know what your personal feelings are regarding Mr. Bush, his administration, their record, and the many events, both political and otherwise, that have taken place during this time period. What were the major political events during this time period? What were the major news stories? What affected your life or the lives of people you know? What has most affected you emotionally?

We could continue to help you clarify your thoughts further at this point, but in the interest of maintaining an unbiased web site, we must decline and leave the rest up to you.

That said, we are comfortable providing you with two resources that we think are good, neutral catalysts for stimulating Farewell 43 relevant thoughts. We hope they will generate some useful recollections as you read them and consider the 43rd Presidency.

Thank you for your thought and effort in contributing to Farewell 43. We look forward to reading your message. Have fun!

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