Farewell 43 Etiquette

Farewell 43 is a web site full of many different opinions submitted by many different people. While we’ll each find plenty of messages that we agree with, it is virtually assured that there will also be plenty of messages that we disagree with.

When visiting the Farewell 43 website (or anywhere for that matter), please remember the following:

  • Everyone has an innate right to their opinion. Your right to disagree does not outweigh it. Respect and be respected.
  • Remember, the people sharing this web site with you are your friends, neighbors, family members, countrymen and women, fellow Global Citizens, and fellow human beings. You will always have more in common with each other than you ever will have different.
  • Accentuate the positive. Look for opinions you agree with and support them. Try to avoid getting stuck in that negative rut of only criticizing opinions you disagree with.
  • Disagreeing with someone’s opinion is one thing. Insulting and name calling is another. If you have an alternate point of view, explain it in a way that is flattering to yourself.
  • ALL UPPERCASE LETTERS ARE VERY DIFFICULT TO READ. Emphasize a word or two using CAPITAL LETTERS if you so choose, but please do not type your entire message in uppercase. Messages typed in all uppercase will be converted to upper and lower case before they appear in the book. So better to use your words rather than your Caps Lock key for emphasis.

As our website evolves so too might this etiquette. Please check back for updates from time to time.

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