Submissions To Farewell 43 Are Now Closed. See You At Farewell 44!

If you missed the chance to write a Farewell43 message of you own, don’t worry, you can still participate. Read other Farewell43 messages, leave your comments, and let your thoughts be known. All are welcome. (Farewell 43 Etiquette)

Our sincere thanks to everyone who took the time to participate in Farewell43. When the time comes, we hope you’ll be back for Farewell44.

Our heartfelt best wishes to President 44, and to all people around the world.

Thank you all again.

Your friends at Farewell43.

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I am a British woman who supports and respects America, but I don't respect you! The preemptive war on Iraq was one of the most dishonest and immoral decisions made by a leader, and has resulted in disaster for Iraq, the deaths of thousands of American and allied troops and tens of…  more »